About us

We’re a team of over 100 trained and uniformed staff based in Waterlooville and close surrounding areas which enables us to cover sickness and holidays much more easily than many of our competitors.  


We practice a pro-active style of management which means we consistently deliver a high quality, reliable service to all our customers. At Alliance UK we recognize that only well motivated staff can deliver a quality service consistently.

Supporting our team

To provide a great cleaning service each cleaner must be effectively supported and valued.  This is achieved by a structured system of training and support run by our management team each of whom have extensive experience in the cleaning and service sectors.

Alliance UK Cleaning bubbles brand mark

How we work

AllianceUK’s ‘Working Together’ partnership links Customer, Cleaners and AllianceUK Management together: this means a better service by: A Pledge to Meet our Customers’ Specific Needs Bespoke cleaning specifications, plus a wide range of specialist cleaning services (see Specialist Services page) takes the worry out of cleaning and ensures we always have the right solution when you need it.