Working in collaboration with various national and local managing agents and housing associations, AllianceUK leverages its fleet of 8 fully equipped, liveried vans and mobile cleaners to deliver reliable and high-quality cleaning services to communal areas in a wide range of private, sheltered, and housing association flats within the local area.

Whether it’s daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly visits, our trained and uniformed cleaners ensure work is carried out to a high standard. We utilize vehicle tracking systems to ensure visits are conducted according to specifications and agreed-upon schedules. Our teams follow detailed work schedules to ensure thorough cleaning of all areas. Upon completion, the cleaning details are recorded on on-site “signing off” sheets, which can be inspected by residents and managing agents.

Furthermore, we offer additional services to address clean-up operations after planned building or remedial works. Our 24/7 on-call service allows us to promptly respond to emergencies such as floods and other critical issues, ensuring residents’ environments remain clean and safe.

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