AllianceUK has been providing school cleaning services for over 18 years. The company is highly experienced in providing bespoke cleaning services to schools and currently clean over 15 local schools, including Large Comprehensives, Private schools, Village Primary Schools and Special Schools where cleaning is a vital factor in catering for children with severe and profound multiple learning difficulties and complex medical requirements.

Safeguarding is important at all schools and AllianceUK has a comprehensive Safeguarding and Child Protection policy and pays for its staff to obtain DBS Enhanced Disclosures and Child Barring Checks.

A wide range of cleaning equipment has to be provided for the differing environments found in modern school from Ultra High Speed buffing machines which spin at 1100 rpm and maintain the polished hard floors to Floor Scubber/Driers, Flat Mop cleaning systems, a variety of different types of vacuum cleaners, a full range of microfiber colour coded cloths and mop heads plus a washing machine to ensure they are kept sanitised and fresh – you cannot clean with dirty equipment. AllianceUK is committed to maintain the equipment in good shape and replace defective gear promptly so that the cleaners have the right tools to do the best job day on day.

What is also crucial to maintaining the standards of cleaning is to ensure any hours lost to planned or unplanned absences are fully covered. With AllianceUK’s unrivalled fleet of mobile cleaners and local business focus, shortfalls can be effectively covered and standards maintained.

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