Using both conventional ‘Applicator and Squeegee’ window cleaning or the ‘Pure Water Pole System’, AllianceUK can tackle all window cleaning tasks safely and effectively.

The Pure Water Pole System has revolutionised external window cleaning, making it a safer and more efficient way to clean external windows. AllianceUK has a specially equipped van fitted with a large water tank, pump, and on-board water purifying equipment. We use the latest carbon fibre poles to enable access to windows in excess of 45 feet (14 metres). This system utilizes the remarkable ability of pure water with a dissolved solid level below 9 parts per million PPM to chemically scour the surface of glass, attracting and fusing with dirty particles at a molecular level. It provides a highly effective and natural cleaning action, followed by a thorough flush to leave the surface clean. In contrast, tap water with its higher concentration of dissolved solids lacks the same scouring ability and may cause spotting on windows.

The traditional ‘applicator and squeegee’ window cleaning method is still employed externally when pole access is not possible or water spillage is inappropriate. Additionally, our skilled window cleaners can clean windows inside buildings using a minimal amount of water.

For window cleaning, including work at height, a Risk Assessment is conducted by our qualified (Tech IOSH) Health and Safety Officer to ensure safe work practices. In most cases, ladders are avoided, and lightweight access platforms are utilized, providing a safer working environment.

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