With over 20 years’ experience in Office cleaning AllianceUK can offer innovative solutions to many problems plus as a locally based company we support our cleaners and monitor their results, giving you our customer a ‘forget about it’ service.


Office environments vary from site to site and customer requirements differ too, so we will specify the right solution for your particular circumstances starting with the right specification, then providing and maintaining in good shape the appropriate equipment and chemicals to ensure the job is done effectively and efficiently.


In big open plan offices this may be by using large ‘half metre wide’ upright vacuums or in restricted spaces tub vacuums or on staircases and other high risk areas backpack vacuums may be more appropriate. On all our sites we use colour coded microfiber cloths for optimum effectiveness and safety – be assured that whatever your circumstances AllianceUK can provide the right solution at a cost effective price.

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